4 Truths About Botox

It’s a daunting decision—having to think about whether to get botox or not. This is why it will help to keep yourself informed about what will and what might happen once you decide to go through the treatment. Here are some possibilities.


#1: You might go broke

It’s no secret, botox treatment can seriously do damage to your finances. The cost might run from $500 to $2,000 a session. Let me repeat that. Per session. So if you were to accomplish your treatment regularly, you really need to set aside a good amount of money for it.


#2: There might be a little swelling

It’s a side-effect but there’s no need to panic. Swelling might occur right after a session. Rest assured that this should go away an hour or two after. You can just bring a fab hat or sun glasses to cover yourself on the way home. One the other hand, bruising is a less common side effect. You can prevent this from happening by making sure that the syringe is injected at the right place. To ensure this, you need to see a professional.


#3: There won't be an instant change


Let’s set the right expectation here, people: you won’t see changes right away. In fact, you might not see changes as far as two weeks after your appointment. You need to allow the chemicals to work their wonders and reverse time on your wrinkles first. Know this before you go in and demand a second round of shots from your attendant.


#4:You will need to have yourself injected again after three to four months

Maintenance is key when getting smooth and wrinkle-free skin. Just know that you will be revisiting your derma a few times a year if you really are serious in keeping wrinkles at bay.  


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