Debunking Oily Skin Myths

Oily skin—this has probably the most myths about it circulating the beauty world. Some say that you should simply drop the moisturizer in your beauty routine. Others might tell you to ditch oil-based products to ensure that your skin does not develop grease during the day. Others might recommend that you always bring blotting paper with you. All these well-meaning advices can be a little dizzying, don’t you think? This is why I have consulted the experts and here are some of the truths about oily skin that you have to know about.


Myth #1: You need to skip the moisturizer

Now there has been an alarming number of internet resources that recommend that girls with oily should ditch their moisturizers. This is false. This can be traced back to the idea that oil or grease is just simply your skin’s way of overcompensating dryness. This is how sebum over production is made. So, make sure to lather up on moisturizer to keep your skin happy. Just make sure to steer clear of products that have shea butter and petroleum.


Myth #2: Only stick to oil-free products

Girls, listen to me because this is pure myth. Most products will contain some sort of oil anyway so there is no use in choosing oil-free on the label. Instead, go for shine control products that combat oil. For this you can look to blotting papers and skin primers.


Myth # 3: Toners and astringents are a must

Yes, you do need a toner after you cleanse your face. However, this isn’t necessarily a must for most oily complexions. Instead of looking for a product that has tightening benefits to it, look for ones glycolic acids to cut through the grease. However, I would recommend that you only use it on your T-zone.



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