Double-Duty Products

Makeup artists are very crafty people—they are all about mixing and matching their products to get the best effect possible. In fact, you might be surprised that most of their go-to products are not the ones that you’d imagine them to use. They practically reuse every tool, compact, and lipstick for other purposes. Can’t really imagine what I am trying to say? Here are some examples of how makeup artists mix and match stuff:


#1: They use concealer for primer

Primers are great because they pave the way for clearer skin and helps the makeup adhere better to it. Plus, it makes the true colors of your makeup shine better on top of it. But you know what will make your makeup color pop out better? Concealer. This makes the shadows a lot easier to blend and the color pops twice as much as when you’d just use regular concealer.


#2: They use eye shadow for contouring

Here’s another anomaly that makeup artists are guilty of: they use eye shadows in lieu of contour kits. Now that I think about this, this trick is actually pretty smart. With eyeshadows, you have more color options and can better adjust to your skin tone. So if you have an extra light skin tone, for example, you need only to go for a taupe-colored eye shadow. You have to admit that these shades aren’t really readily available to most contour kits.


#3: They use cream blush for practically everything

When I say everything, I mean everything! They use it as their lipstick, their eye shadow, and their blush on. It’s the ultimate multitasker for them. When asked what they would bring with them if they were stranded on a desert island, you can bet that cream blush would be the answer.


Well, that’s how crafty makeup artists are, friends. Ready to give these a try?

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