Pamper Your Feet

One of the beauty quirks that I have is that I regularly fuss over how my feet looks. I am not content with just seeing it clean—I need to see it squeaky clean. This is probably a quirk I got from my mother who refused to let us climb in bed unless we have thoroughly washed our feet, dried them, and moisturized then. Heck, when I was in college, I have even gone to the extremes of putting products that are meant for the face on my feet. I wanted them to look moisturized and buffed to perfection.


Sounds a little too much? A little, maybe. But you don’t have to be as obsessive as I am to get the most of these products. 


Butter London ‘Mucky Pups’

They don’t sound very inviting, I know but just give this product a try. These are simply wipes for your feet when you are just too tired to go for a wash before you hit the hay. What I love about these is that it has a soft and sweet smell to it. Plus it cleans and does not leave your feet dry too.


Lush Volcano Deodorizing Foot Mask

Calluses, the horror. If you are worried about these on your toesis, then you have got to try this product out. It has natural ingredients to it such as papaya, lemon, tomatoes, potatoes, and kaolin (a clay mineral) that conditions and moisturizes your feet.


Deborah Lippmann Steppin’ Out Nourishing Foot Cream

The first time I slathered these on my feet I thought that it delivered twice as much moisture than when I’d wrap my feet in petroleum jelly socks. And if that does not convince you, then revel in the fact that this is patterned after the scent of marshmallows. Who can resist marshmallows?


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